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This is my personal website and also the first serious project. I made this so I can show my web development skills to the world and myself. I don't like talking about me much so i included a tutorial on how to earn money and resources I used to make this web site and learn web development. It is not much I know, but be sure to follow me so you can be informed when an update comes. I wish you a pleasant stay here!

Sincerly, the author

How to earn money


I'm sure everyone who came to these section would like to earn some money, but would also like to do it easy. Now this method is slow and it may never pay off, but if you are persistent you can start earning a lot of cash from the comfort of your home.

The method is simple. You find links on the internet, shorten them and copy them back online. When someone clicks the ad will be displayed (see below). Meanwhile you earn money. Read below for detailed instructions:

The ad displaying before showing the link
  1. Register to a link-shortening site
  2. Share your links

Register to a link-shortening website

Register here

Here is how to do it:

Share your links

There are many ways to do this and it's really up to you which one you are going to choose, the possibilities are endless. Share it via social networks(Twitter, Facebook, Google+...) or post them in your website. You can also comment the links on some videos or forum threads, just don't spam ;)

There are ofcourse many more ways to spread your links but these are the ones I could think and are enough to get you started. I hope I helped with this. Good luck!